2017-2018 Season

Thursday, October 5, 2017 to Thursday, January 25, 2018

Manchester Hospital Gallery Exhibit

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Friday - Saturday, January 19-20, 2018

Acrylics Workshop with Jerry Madara

For complete information and supply list,
see the flyer.

Chris Larson said: "It was a great workshop. Jerry encouraged us to experiment with cloudscapes and paint realistic clouds that have form. We learned how to use intense pthalo colors in a controlled way. The value scales he handed out and showed us how to use were so helpful in determining the correct values."

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Member Meeting

At our January meeting, our guest artist, Mary Horrigan, demonstrated watercolor.

In Mary's Artist’s Statement, she writes, "Simple shapes, broad, loose washes, deep, rich color: This is how I use watercolor to express my wonder at the beauty in the world around me. Spontaneity, freshness, clarity, sparkle: This is what I strive for in my execution of a painting."

Mary shared wise advice on how to approach a watercolor painting.
She said: "Ask yourself, 'Why do I want to paint this?'"

NEW as of Jan. 25: See the finished demo painting below.

When painting, Mary said, "Don't be too careful -
let things go. Keep it wet... that's where the
watercolor is living.

"It's always about 'shape making'" she said. "Shapes of different color, different size, different value..."

"Watercolor takes a lot of faith," Mary said. "I try to not
give away too much information."

Left: Mary Horrigan's finished demo painting

Art of the Month
Winners are, from left to right, Ellen Haines Chaponis (1stHM), Austin Pouliot (3rd),
Barbara Pinti (2nd), and Jim Oliphant (1st).
Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Member Meeting

Art of Month Winners (from left to right) judged by the members.

Ellen Haines Chaponis, 1st HM
"Foggy Morning Pond,"

Austin Pouliot, 3rd
"tree," watercolor

Barbara Pinti, 2nd

"Path in the Woods," mixed media

Jim Oliphant, 1st
"Pausing for a Moment," photography

Art of the Month Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Member Meeting

Art of Month Winners (from left to right) judged by Jane Zisk.

Rita Borden, 1st
"Exotic Flowers,"
watercolor monotype

Rhea Sutter, 2nd
"John," oil

Austin Pouliot, 3rd
"Earlier," watercolor

Emilie Beckwith, 1stHM
"Gardner Street Barn," watercolor

Thursday, September 7 to Thursday, December 7, 2017

Manchester Town Hall Oil and Acrylic Ehxibit

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Member Meeting

Our guest artist was artist Jane Zisk. Using the landscape as inspiration, Jane demonstrated the process she uses to create an abstract painting in acrylic.

At the meeting, Jane shared many wise throughts on abstract painting. "Doing abstract is like a dance," she said. "The brush is dancing across the canvas." She added, "I am never about making a nice painting. I am about the process."

Jane is the Founder of the Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society, and an award winning painter with over 35 years in the art industry.

Jane Zisk demo

Jane chose to use only one area of a picture.

Area of the photo Jane used for the painting.

Right: Jane begins the painting.
Above: The painting as done at the demo.

Saturday, November 11, 2017,
4 - 6 pm

Art Auction & Wine Reception

UUS:E Meetinghouse
153 Vernon St. West, Manchester, CT

See the flyer and call for art for more information.

All proceeds fund our scholarship program, which offers generous scholarships to three Manchester Community College students and one local high school student.

MAA Auction 2017
MAA Auction 2017 MAA Auction 2017
MAA Auction 2017 MAA Auction 2017

Thurs, Fri & Sat, Nov. 2-4, 2017

3 Day Pastel Workshop with Elizabeth Rhoades

For information & materials list, see the flyer.

See Elizabeth's award winning
paintings in her newsletter.

Monday, October 3 - Monday, October 30, 2017

MAA 13th Annual Members' Art Exhibit

South Windsor Public Library
1550 Sullivan Avenue, South Windsor, CT

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-- Winners list with judge's comments
Member Exhibit 2017

For images from the reception, click here.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Member Meeting

Our guest artist Deborah Velasquez demonstrated positive and negative design using black and white.

Deborah is an award winning artistic designer and author who loves the simplicity of line, negative space, black and white, and bright colors.

Deborah's work may be seen in galleries and juried shows, as well as on products such as rugs, wall art, ceramics, stationery, textiles, and mobiles. Deborah's hats were featured at New York’s Henri Bendel.

She teaches workshops in her Connecticut studio. Her first book Drawing in Black and White, was published last year by Quarry Books.

Deborah posts daily to Instagram. This led to her book. She encourages artists to start their own page on Instagram.

Deborah's favorite subjects are from nature, especially flowers and birds.

Left, she showed how to work your brush "toe, belly, heel", or in reverse, "heel, belly, toe." Or to use the belly of the brush to make petals.

Right, working in gouache, paint pens and ink, she creates a silk-screened look with textured layers.

Deborah used scrap-booking paper with white gouache. She likes to use calligraphy pens and brushes. Add water to the gouache to reach the consistency of yogurt -- "the sugary stuff." Gouache is opaque, forgiving, and can be layered. It also dries flat and is velvety, but must be shipped flat or it can crack.

Deborah also showed us how to layer using acrylic ink, posca pens and Pilot Parallel pens. The best advice she was given by her mentor: "If it doesn't work in black and white, it won't work in color either."

Deborah demonstrated drawing with a stabilo pencil and
then wetting it with a brush for a different look

Then she added another layer with gouache.

Deborah incorporates printmaking in her work using her own rubber stamps.

She shared some tips: when drawing a circle, move toward the body.
When drawing a straight line, move away from the body.
For a stained glass look, she fills in the negative space with black ink.

She likes Dr. Ph. Martin's Black Star Waterproof India Ink, Matte.

Later, more layers can be added with opaque acrylic paint pens.

Sunday, October 15, 2017, 2 to 4 pm

Reception for the 13th Annual Members' Art Exhibit

South Windsor Public Library
1550 Sullivan Avenue, South Windsor
Member Exhibit 2017
Best in Show Sara Reid Left, Best of Show winner Sara J. Reid
with her oil painting “Natural Grace.” The judge's comment: "The lost and found edges in this piece give us the essence of the volume of the clusters and the delicacy of the petals is beautifully orchestrated.  Great sensitivity of color."

Below, Jerry Madara won first and second place in Oil and Acrylics with his acrylics, “Mar a Lago Chocolate Cake with Sunset" and “Horizon Storm.”

Below right, Jerry with "Horizon Storm." Above his piece is Terry Butler's third place winning oil painting, “Carson’s Store.”

For the complete list of winners with the judge's comments, click here.
Jerry Madara and “Mar a Lago Chocolate Cake with Sunset"

Fri & Sat, Oct. 13-14, 2017

Marla Greenfield Watercolor Workshop

For information and supply list, see the flyer.

Carolyn Emerson wrote: " The workshop was outstanding! Marla taught us an entirely new approach to watercolor, particularly useful for still life and portrait painting. Her step by step instruction meant that everyone achieved a successful result. It was an exceptional learning experience for all. Can’t wait to practice!"

Marla Greenfield workshop
Marla Greenfield workshop Marla Greenfield workshop

Thursday, May 11 to Thursday, Octobert 5, 2017

Manchester Hospital Gallery Exhibit

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Art of the Month Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Member Meeting

Art of Month Winners (from left to right) judged by Karen Israel.

Austin Pouliot, 1st
"fishy," watercolor

Rhea Sutter, 2nd
"Tuscan Villas," oil

Emilie Beckwith, 3rd
"Dawn at the Chatham Light," pastel

Penny Brandt, 1stHM
"Sweet Nectar," watercolor

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Member Meeting

At our September meeting, artist Karen Israel demonstrated painting a landscape using pan pastels.

Karen is a nationally recognized, award winning painter and holds the title Master Pastelist with the Pastel Society of America and the International Association of Pastel Society.

Her style is one of realistic impressionism.

Karen has been selected to jury local and national exhibits and she currently gives workshops and teaches pastel at the Farmington Valley Art Center and Windsor Adult Ed.

Karen applied colorless blender to the paper before applying purple. This gives a variety in tone without adding whilte.The blender came with the grey scale set.

Karen builds up the tones in the painting and works with warm and cool to bring parts of the image forward and others back.

Pan pastels are applied with sponges or applicators, which give a more painterly feel than drawing with stick pastels.
Pan pastels are opaque like oils, but when used with the colorless blender can leave solf edges like watercolor.
Pan pastels may also be used in mixed media.

Karen often begins with a reference photo. But she develops her design with value sketches and then with small pastel sketches until she finds the design she likes.

Pan pastels are cost effective, adhere well and produce very little dust. The trays are stackable for ease of transport. The colors can be mixed on the sponge. Any color on the pan can simply be wiped off. The sponges are wiped off between colors and can be washes with soap and water.

Karen's finished demo painting.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

MAA participated in the first Silk City Arts & Music Festival
brought to Manchester by ART FÜD.

This one-day event featured music and interactive arts for children. Artists, crafters and vendors had work available for purchase. Lunch and snacks were offered from several food trucks and beer was available to the 21+ crowd.

MAA board member, Mary Bollash, represented MAA.She hosted an interactive activity of drawing on a banner. Adults and children made drawings that represented Manchester, or simply drew things they enjoyed. Kids in particular loved the activity.

Right, Mary Bollash, tells members and guests about the event at MAA's September meeting.

Below, left to right, holding the banner are, Chris Larson, MAA President, Mary Bollash and Eric Vogel.